Upcoming Events...

1. Institute of Fraud Examiners
2. African Business School (ABS)

Onshore and Offshore:

a) Building High Performance Teams
b) Project Contingency Planning
c) Evaluating Team Performance
d) Project Monitoring and Evaluation
e) Team Building and Quality Circles

* Management models
* Management of change
* Leadership & Management, the challenges of the stress
* Agitation management skills for women in Africa
* Protocol and Etiquettes for Leadership

a) Oath of Secrecy
b) Crime Detection and Effective Security Operation Management
c) Responsibilities of Security Officers in the work Environment
d) Effective Management of Confidential Security Information
e) Labour of Industrial Relations
f) Case Study Analysis

Induction is comming up on July 

Speaker at Business Conference and Presentation. Audience at the conference hall.