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ABS of Africa

The African Business School was established in the year 2000 as Y2K academic and professional compliant institutions for the attainment of professional advancement both technologically and otherwise in business, financial, administration, accounts, marketing, banking management and public administration, etc.

Exchanging Ideas

Additionally, it constitutes a forum for the socio-economic and business interactions of the juggernauts in Africa and the world at large, for sharing views and exchanging ideas in areas of investment and management, focusing on African Business culture and philosophy.


African Business School (ABS) the advanced business school for professionals is one of the leading independent business school, providing quality education, in Administration, accounting, information technology, marketing, banking/finance etc. African business school is the training school for the Chartered Institute of Cost and Management Accountants as well as the approved study center for the Chartered Institute of Administration.


ABS was established with the goal of educating outstanding African business leaders who are ready to tackle the challenges of dynamic and rapidly changing business world. ABS has given birth to two institutes : The Institute of Fraud Examiners and Institute of Leadership and Management – Nigeria.


Every programme at African Business School (ABS) seeks to enable her students, graduates, partners and clients to achieve their aspirations through making high quality education available when, where and how professionals need and want them. We welcome imaginative students/scholars who seek challenges and inspiration and we are here to help them accomplish their goals.


We implement an interdisciplinary approach to all our programmes, making sure that practical applications are combined with class room materials. Our students/participants take part in practical case studies and develop projects, a process that help maximize their potentials in their future careers.


African Business School (ABS) is a distinct educational institution that combines excellence with innovation. The school places High Value in providing the learners and students with high education and professional experience in their chosen discipline. This makes us outstanding.


The school has two professional segments:-

i. The Business Executive Forum (BEF)
ii. The Academic Forum


This forum of the African Business School attempts to bring together the “who is who” in the business world particularly in Africa to share ideas and explore areas of business opportunities. This aspect also takes care of research and development for various Economies, Consultancy Services and the publishing of business journals, books and monographs the will be of prime importance to business Executives.


The academic forum of the African Business School involves in the training and re-training of potential professionals in the art and science of management and administration. It involves full time and part time programs leading to the award of certificate, Diploma and may be degree in the near future. The ABS also runs affiliated programmes in management science with selected local and foreign institutions leading to the award of Degrees, Diploma and advanced diplomas.


1. To produce truly qualified professionals in the art and science of business administration.

2. To provide facilities for interested persons to meet and discuss practical business management and administration and the associated problems with a view to improving managerial and administrative standards in Africa.

3. To make the study and practice of business management administration conducive and interesting.

4. To collect and disseminate information on management and other related fields.

5. Discover the strategies of working at the highest level of productivity accomplishment, within the African continent and beyond.

6. To make other meaningful contributions to the Government of Africa.


For the purpose of achieving it’s objectives the ABS activities are tailored into five lines:

1. Membership Enrolment Services

2. Training and retraining of potential business professionals.

3. Education Management, Research and consultancy.

4. Ideal – sharing activities through workshops, Conferences, Seminars, lectures, meetings and recreational activities.

5. To learn and share the secrets of world-class Achievers and Performers through interactions and fellowship.


Business Executive Forum (BEF)

Membership of the African Business School in BEF is in three categories:

(a) Admission as a student. (b) individuals (c) corporate body.

Individual membership is further subdivided into professional and non professional grades.

The professional grades are those of Fellows members and associates while non professional is the non graduate category.

Corporate Membership is in a different category depending on their annual turnover and staff strength. The membership of African Business School cuts across all walks of life within and outside Africa.


1. Associate Membership (AMABS)
i. Graduate of any recognized university in Nigeria and abroad
ii. HND, HNC, etc
iii. Professional certificate, e.g ACIA, ACIS, ICAN, ACP etc
iv. OND, NEC with five(5).year experience.
v. Must be over 30 years of age.

2. Full Membership (MABS)
i. MBA, M.Sc, MPA from recognized university
ii. First Degree, HND with 5 years Experience.
iii. Professional Certificate, e.g ACIA, ICAN, ACIS etc. With 5 years experience, must be above 30 years of age.

Associate Fellows (af. ABS)

i. Must be above 40 years of age
ii. Must have attained the highest peak of your profession
iii. B.Sc, M.Sc, Ph.D with 10 years experience.

Fellow (FABS)

i. Must be above 40 years of age
ii. Must have attained the highest peak of your profession
iii. B.Sc, M.Sc, Ph.D with 10 years experience
vi. Must have been an Associate fellow of ABS for 5years.


1. Rights to append the appropriate designatory letter

Fellow….. FABS
Associate….. af.ABS
Full Member. …. MABS
Associate ……. AMABS
Students ….. SMABS

2. Members are entitled to full coloured Membership Certificate given under approval of the council.

3. Continued professional training through meetings, seminars, conferences and courses at minimal fee within and outside Nigeria.

3. Members also enjoy exchange programmes within and outside the continent of Africa.

5. Members equally enjoy free-flow of business information to and fro Governments in Africa.

6. Members become superior to their peers.


African Business School aspires to be largest trainer of professional business Directors in Africa in the future. Presently ABS Undertakes training programmes in marketing, business Administration and management, purchasing, finance, banking, accounting, Public Administration, production management, computer training and human resources management etc.
The training programmes are of two categories.


This programme is conducted at the request and convenience of the executive who may be company directors, executive officers and members of the National Assembly, Ministries, Director generals or permanent secretaries. The course are usually tailored to suite the specific requirements of the clients.


African Business School has established an unparalleled reputable for quality in its professional course which are consistent with international standards.

Mission Statement

To promote the growth of practical business management administration in the ever demanding task of business development and the need for professionalism among public and private sector executives in the dynamic world of business.


Africa Business School (ABS) is affiliated to Babcock University

Babcook university over the year has upheld
the highest academic standard.Its students body is diverse and unique,and the university features, identities and cultures makes it a unique place of study and research.

Our Vision

We aspire to be the largest professional trainer of business Directors in Nigeria and Africa at large.

David Graves

David Graves is a specialist in Private and Public Corporate Governance issues, National and International Financial Crime, and all fraud related offences.

Now a retired Fraud Squad Detective, David has extensive experience in the areas of: Management Skills and Training, Corporate Governance within the Public/Private Sector, National and International Global economic crime, Money Laundering, Identity Theft, The Police & Criminal Evidence Act, Vulnerable and Intimidated Witness programmes, Crime Reduction strategies, Project Management/Leading Project Teams, Business Customer Care Programmes, Degree course design for Universities

During his time within the Police service David was the Manager of one of only three UK National Police Fraud Management Course accredited by Teesside University Business School. Since Leaving the Police Service David has taught law subjects at Warwick University Law School and a wide range of Managerial Skills at Coventry City University Management School. David has both developed and taught academic programmes on the subject of Corporate Governance at Magna Carta College, Oxford.

David has previously held the position of lecturer of Law and Corporate Governance at the international Policing and Justice Institute, University of Derby.

David has been commissioned to assist the Polish, Turkish and Lithuania Governments’ fight against organised crime. He has presented training and delivered papers on Government reform strategies, Corporate Governance, Money Laundering, Organised Crime Issues, Corruption, VAT Fraud and runs bespoke delegate inter-active workshops to the Polish Police, Customs Officers, Border Guards and Prosecution officials at different venues in Poland. This programme has gained European recognition and has been extended to cover Turkey and Lithuania. Missions of this nature in these developing countries continue to be in high demand by the sponsoring authority The European Commission in Brussels.

David also reviews working papers for the Oxford University Press in the field of Policing: A Journal of Policy and Practice. David holds a Masters of Art Degree in Fraud Investigation and Management and is a Fellow Founding member of the Institute of Leadership and Management, Chartered Manager, Fellow and Fellow of Chartered Management Institute, appointed Chancellor and a Fellow and member of the Board of Governors of the African Business School UK Division and a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

Dr Goddy Idaminabo

Dr Goddy Idaminabo Ph.D JP, FCIA, FABS, FCIPurs, FCMA, FCFE, FCPA.
is an accomplished administrator, scholar, educationist and a strategic corporate governance/management training consultant.
The Immediate past President Chartered institute of Administration.

Dr Goddy is a certified professional fraud examiner specializing in corporate administration, economic and financial fraud, Political ethics and social responsibility fraud, including fraud detection and deterrence Within the public and private sector.

Dr Goddy has lectured in a wide range of public /private institutions and presented papers and training on leadership, Business decision making, security, fraud prevention and deterrence, management of change, finance, accountancy and auditing. etc

Dr Goddy has previously held the position of a visiting lecturer at the prestigious Magna Carta college, Oxford.

He is a former Vice President of Association of Professional bodies of Nigeria (APBN)

fellow of chartered Institute of Administration, Fellow chartered Institute of management accountants, President / Chief learning Advisor African Business School (ABS) and Institute of Fraud Examiners.

Dr Goddy is an household name in the African continent as regards the provision of quality professional educational training and research within and outside the shores of Africa.

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Tamunotonye Asitonka

Tamunotonye Asitonka

Media/Business Co-Ordinator African Business School and Institute of Fraud Examiners.

A frontline writer and public affairs commentator

He holds a Degree in Communication.